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Stay connected while you’re a free Google Chrome extension designed to give Facebook users easy access to their favorite social networking platform right from their browsers. With a single sign-in, users can stay in touch with friends and family using their desktop or laptop for other purposes. The announcements will inform them about status updates, invitations and upcoming real-time events for a fully integrated add-on that aims to blur the line between social media and real social networks everywhere. The traditional website requires users to log in, but only provides notifications and updates when they browse the website. This often causes users to leave a tab in their browser open to keep up to date. However, this is not always practical and when you use the browser, it can quickly become cluttered. The Google Chrome extension for Facebook solves this problem and is the best of both worlds. Users can stay in touch with Facebook without sacrificing their browsing experience. In fact, it only makes it worse. Notifications will notify users when something happens, instead of updating the webpage every few minutes or ({{(review-app-page-desktop ‘;}); connect with friends and family. By not having to manually enter a URL for a web version of a website, the extension allows users to send and receive notifications and notifications of events, updates and important messages. It’s actually like using Facebook as you know it, only better!