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The ancient event separates the fate of the three friends. He unexpectedly reappears in the life of David (Mateusz Banasiuk). Dzika (Weronika Ksiazkiewicz) – once the love of her life, now a skilled police officer, makes her an offer that cannot be refused. Either a police informer or his brother (Wojciech Zielinski) will be sent to prison for a long time. Caught on the wall, David finally succeeds, and his main goal is to infiltrate the organized crime scene. Entering a war of belief and money in the midst of a war, he will be forced to face constant accusations from a former Goldens friend (Mateusz Damiecki). He will soon discover that the world he has tried to liberate is twice as powerful.

The original story of the rebellious hero Furiosa before joining Mad Max in Mad Max: Fury Road.